If you want to be truly comprehensive about your approach to healing, then one way to begin is with some clarity about what it is that needs to be healed. In the briefest terms, there are three areas to explore.

wholeness in healing

What It Is To Be Alive.

What It Is To Be Human.

What It Is To Be You.


To honor your body, your planet, and your mind is to demonstrate your appreciation of your life in all of its meaning.

What It Is To Be Alive

The first is about biology, which encompasses the principles of chemistry, structure, and electricity that are essential to the life of your body.

What It Is To Be Human

The second is about ecology and sociology, which are about how you as a member of the human species interact with your planetary environment, that is, those relationships you maintain that are essential to the life of our shared terrain.

What It Is To Be You

The third is about your mind, a psycho-spiritual entity that has an entirely unique experience of life and orientation to reality.

If you are applying principles of health in maintaining a good lifestyle, but doing it as a tedious strategy in order to avoid the illnesses you have learned about, then you are doing the right thing with the wrong attitude. The purpose of learning about human biology is primarily to experience fascination with the miracle of life. The natural result of that education is a lifestyle that is a celebration and reverence of this experience of embodiment. It is a practice of making choices that express your appreciation of what makes it possible to be alive.

For a fully comprehensive approach to the fulfillment of your potential, the second consideration is at least as essential as the first. Each living species has its own ways of honoring not only its particular biology, but also its place in our ecosystem. As a human, you have the opportunity to experience your connectedness and interactive harmony with all of life. This, again, is not to be taken on as some burdensome strategy to rescue an ailing ecosystem, but as yet another form of celebration and reverence of this planetary miracle.

Perhaps the most fascinating existence of all is your mind. You have an understanding of the world that is entirely unique. Ever since you were born, you have been finding particular significance in every detail of your life. As an individual you are impacted by the things you observe in a way that depends upon all of your past experience, which is distinct from the past experience of every other individual. This is perhaps the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity in existence. You alone have access to the variety of events that take place in your mind. With your own work and the support of others, you may cultivate for yourself a celebration and reverence of the workings of your mind.

When healing endeavors are truly comprehensive, they address all of these aspects of your life. Your biology, your eco-sociology, and your psycho-spirituality are deeply connected with each other. To honor your body, your planet, and your mind is to demonstrate your appreciation of your life in all of its meaning. The challenges are great, but realize that you have been admitted to the Harvard of the evolutionary chain. And the curriculum begins with clarity about what you are as experiences of life, humanity, and yourself.