Vibrational Flow Therapy

What is Vibrational Flow Therapy?

Vibrational Flow Therapy, also known as energy work or energy healing, is based on the relationship between a person’s emotional or medical/physical condition and that person’s vibrational energy, or bio-energy field. This is a subtle field that both permeates the physical body and extends outward from it.

Vibrational Flow Therapists contribute to the restoration of the normal harmony and balance of the patient’s vibrational energy pattern in order to facilitate healing. This work may be done in any professional setting, such as an office, clinic, or hospital. Most patients are adults; in the case of small children, their parents stay in the room. Infants being treated remain in the arms of their parents to ensure a feeling of safety and comfort. Adolescents usually prefer not to have their parents in the room.

Transmission Of Vibrational Energy

Free, or unbound, electrons populate the vibrational field and will move randomly until a source of energy guides them to become organized and move in a coherent fashion, that is, with purpose. Through training and practice, the therapist learns to impact this vibrational energy field by running a current of electrons that are at a higher frequency than the patient’s electrons, thus providing the appropriate environment to stimulate healing.

Although our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal themselves, the stress of a physical ailment or of life in general, will create a restriction in the flow of vibrational energy. The impact from the therapist releases that restriction, thus allowing the normal flow to be restored and enhancing recovery from the physical and/or emotional trauma.

Dealing With Feeling Empty Or Broken

Sometimes people have had such intensely difficult experiences that they now feel as if there might be something wrong with them. Frequently, people who do not feel complete or whole experience a benefit from Vibrational Flow Therapy of reconnecting them with parts of themselves that have seemed to be missing or unavailable. Similarly, there are people who might not remember parts of their history who would benefit from this therapy to help them remember experiences that had an impact on them, even though those memories are not available to them right now. It can reconnect the puzzle pieces of ourselves that have been missing or out of place.

Removal Of Unwanted Cords

Have you ever had trouble interacting with another person, leaving you thinking about what happened for a long time? Such an experience could have left a cord between the two of you, causing obsessive thoughts. A cord refers to a vibrational energy connection between two people. Cords can arise from one-time interactions or experiences, as well as from long-standing relationship patterns and events. They can be shallow or deeply rooted, depending on the emotional intention, the nature of the cord, and how long the cord has existed. When there is a problematic cord, one person might transmit low-vibration energy to the other person through the cord or might draw high-vibration energy from the other person through the cord.

Not all cords represent problems. Some cords are high-vibration connections that reflect secure bonding and love between two people. The cords that create problems are the low-vibration cords, through which one person is negatively affected by another. Low-vibration cords can undermine a person’s self-esteem and well-being. Those cords can be cut, which requires an intentional act of re-organizing the involved vibrational energy. Cutting a cord actually dissolves the inappropriate energetic connection It is best done by someone with specialized training. What do people experience when their unwanted cords are cut? Sometimes the process involves emotional release, including release of tears. Afterward, patients may report gaining the relief and peace they have been seeking.

Vibrational Flow Therapy employs a variety of modalities that serve to:

  • Remove tension and release negative energy
  • Re-align and reorganize energy systems
  • Release stress
  • Improve concentration
  • Speed natural healing
  • Release developmental pain, such as from infants who are teething
  • Relieve “growing pains” (joint pain from rapid growth spurts)
  • Improve recovery from sports injuries
  • Release body pain or pain from surgery
  • Release pain of migraine headaches, fibromyalgia arthritis, or other illnesses
  • Increase options for resolving PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma
  • Deal with other issues where people desire healing.

Elise Le Rais, Energy Practitioner

“It is my mission and privilege to assist clients in their individual journeys of healing. I lead Meditation groups and facilitate Emotions Anonymous meetings. As a trauma survivor, I well understand the fluctuations of emotion caused by PTSD and the need for various types of healing methods. I have worked with clients at a Drug and Alcohol treatment center outside Nashville, and at a trauma center near Nashville, as well as serving clients in my private practice. I appreciate having the opportunity to help people feel better and reach their potential.”
– Elise Le Rais

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