In July of 2021 I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer following a hysterectomy and a year of intense pain. I came home from that appointment and asked God what he wanted to tell me about the cancer diagnosis and what to do. I knew that what he would tell me would be the most important thing I needed to hear and hold on to. He said “I do not have cancer for you, my daughter.” So I made this the foundation of my plan. The gynecological oncologist offered 6 rounds of chemotherapy as standard conventional treatment. I refused. He said things would get bad and urged me to reconsider. I stood on the words God had told me, and persisted in my respectful refusal. I asked if I could continue to see him for monitoring while I pursued integrative treatment, but he told me at that point that he could do nothing else for me. So I asked God to help me find an integrative MD who would support my decision and help me through the journey. I tried a few that were clearly not the ones I was meant to see. Then, through a friend’s recommendation, I went to see Dr. Stephen Reisman. Within 30 minutes of our meeting, I learned more about reproductive cancers than I had in my entire journey with conventional allopathic medicine. I began multiple, weekly IV treatments and a hefty supplement schedule (including several prescription medications) – about 80 capsules/tablets a day. It was not easy. But God was in it. After 6 months, I started tapering down the IV treatments and supplements; and after about a year, I tapered down to a “maintenance” schedule, some of which I still do today. I was NED (no evidence of disease) in less than a year, and still am today, two and a half years later. My CA125 has gone from about 200 to 13.9 at my last blood work. It actually continued going down every 6 months. It is an amazing thing to look at these numbers side by side. I recently also had a clean CT scan. I give God complete credit for my healing. And I know that Dr. Reisman was an integral part of God’s plan for me. I am thankful for Dr. Reisman’s knowledge and kindness – he truly has been a blessing in my family’s life. His nurses are incredible human beings and full of compassion. MindBody Medical Center is a great place. If you have had a cancer diagnosis and something in you moves you to look for something more or something other than what your cancer doctor is saying, pray and ask God to tell you what he thinks about the situation. Trust that when you ask, he will answer. And if you feel the nudge, go talk to Dr. Reisman and see what he thinks.


I have been a patient of Dr. Reisman for over five years. When I first met Dr. Reisman, he saw me in an aggressive state of Multiple Sclerosis. After continuous relapses and spotting a brain stem lesion on my MRI, my neurologist said that I would have debilitating MS. Amazingly, Dr. Reisman reversed every single one of my symptoms within three months, and I have remained relapse-free! If your mind and body are in a compromised state, be willing to be open and change your old ways. Dr. Reisman is the picture of complete health. Listen to him the same way he will listen to you, and follow his lead to healing. Doors will open, and you will experience your optimal health.


Dr Reisman is the best holistic doctor I’ve found in Nashville. He listens to you and knows what to test for and how to treat your condition(s). He is knowledgeable about autoimmune diseases and cancer amongst other diseases. His staff are also wonderful, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. You cannot go wrong visiting this practice.


When I first went to see Dr. Reisman, I was really nervous about what he would say. Would he be able to identify and correct the medical problems I was having? After all, my family doctor (whom I greatly respect) could not. I was too young for menopause but was still having hormone problems, low blood work, and a garden variety of other issues. None of these issues raised a red flag for my traditional doctor, yet I was exhausted all of the time, and I flat out didn’t feel good. I wondered if they all might be related but I just wasn’t sure. I did what anyone in my position might do. I turned to Dr. Google, who told me that it must be cancer, and I would eventually die. I finally had a light bulb turn on in my head – I should try a non-traditional doctor. Before heading to see Dr. Reisman, I went to someone who put me on 15 different supplements and told me to come back in six months, maybe. Apparently they were the same supplements she puts everyone on. The problem was, even with a medicine cabinet full of supplements, I still didn’t feel good. There had to be a better way – something tailored to my specific issues. I turned back to the internet for a list of providers. I wound up running across Dr. Reisman’s website. He is a full medical doctor who specializes in helping people heal naturally. But because he is a full MD, he can also prescribe medicine. Ultimately I was able to take my blood work and test results from my family doctor and work out a specialized plan. Dr. Reisman was able to help restore my blood work and hormones, and help me feel energetic again. I still see my family doctor. Dr. Reisman is not concerned that I use both traditional and non-traditional medicine, as this is very often the way he helps people treat cancer, and other major problems. Beyond friendly, I found his staff very wholehearted and authentic. This is just what I needed on my journey back to feeling good again. I really can’t say enough great things about his practice and about him, too. He’s a very laid back, non-judgmental person who takes the entire body and all of the symptoms into account when treating people. If you are suffering with non-descript symptoms, exhaustion, or you have major health problems, I highly recommend refraining from self-diagnosis through the internet and working with Dr. Reisman as a partner in your journey back to wellness and health instead. BTW – he also works with people who live out of state.


Thank you for continuing to pursue the best for us! This summer was the first one in over 10 years I wasn’t bed bound for any time due to high fevers related to autoimmune issues. Mild symptoms, if any. This was after doing chelation and UBI. I’m so grateful for the care you provide! 


I first visited Dr. Reisman and Mind-Body Medical in my early 30’s and really did not know what to expect. I am now turning 47 this month, and he has been my healthcare partner for nearly 16 years. I always consult Dr. Reisman first with any and all of my medical questions and health concerns. Because of his knowledge and analysis of my body and needs, I never have to take prescription medication, fad diet, or rely on therapy. He truly understands the mind-body connection and is able to bring balance, stability, and strength to my overall well-being. I recommend him to all my friends and family who are struggling with any health issues, minor or major.  He is, in my opinion, the best doctor Nashville offers. And at 47 years old, I am the healthiest I have ever been! Thanks to Mind-Body Medical!


I have been seeing Dr. Reisman for several years. I first heard of him through Suzanne Sommers’ book, listing him as an alternative medicine physician similar to those that she saw when she had breast cancer and elected alternative instead of chemo and radiation. Dr.Reisman is a physician that works with patients’ difficulties one at a time. He looks at a bloodwork report like no other doctor I’ve ever had. He knows what supplements will help certain symptoms and brought my cholesterol down in two months 80 points. All other doctors wanted me on a statin. There isn’t another doctor like Dr. Reisman in the Nashville area, and I highly recommend him for anyone with a problem such as basic high cholesterol to MS, cancer, etc.


After struggling through my first round of chemotherapy for a breast cancer diagnosis, I truly wanted to give up. Dr. Reisman and his staff literally saved me and helped me to find a regimen that not only allowed me to finish the treatment, but also to be able to continue working and even feel like myself somedays. Immediately following my treatments, I was in terrible pain that moved throughout my body. Dr. Reisman was able to pinpoint that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and once again began working on ways for me to live pain free. I am over two years out from everything and feeling great! I am forever grateful to Dr. Reisman, Logan, and all of the staff at Mind-Body Medical for giving me my life back.


I have been a patient of Dr. Reisman’s for over a decade. Growing up on holistic over traditional care was a rarity in the 60’s, but I have known all my life there were ‘root’ causes for symptoms. When I found Dr. Reisman, I was relieved that I had a drive-able ‘go to’ whose journey in both education and practice gave me great confidence. Through the seasons of grief after losing my husband so young to ‘ALS’, to pre- and post-menopausal symptoms, I feel my healthiest ever with small nutritional and supplemental tweaks to my wellness practice.  At times when it was not convenient to physically be in Nashville, Dr. Reisman has been willing to accommodate with phone consultations. His staff are friendly, relatable, and immediately responsive to my calls for supplements to be mailed, to schedule an appointment, or to simply answer a question. I have recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to do so!


I highly recommend Dr. Reisman to anyone who is looking for answers to their health issues. He will listen carefully, without judgment, and determine the best plan for restoring your health. He offers many services to help you achieve optimal wellbeing. From the moment you walk into the office, a calming presence is felt as his caring team greets you with a warm welcome. Dr. Reisman and his entire staff want to see you well.


My experience with Mind-Body Medical Center has been excellent. I first met with Dr. Reisman in 2012. He quickly and accurately diagnosed my condition, and after 3 days of taking the recommended supplements, I was feeling better. Dr. Reisman’s process for scheduling allows him to devote the necessary time to each patient, so that best care is truly provided. He continues to study and learn, making adjustments to treatment as he finds better supplements and options for building health. I remain grateful for Dr. Reisman and all of his staff. Not only are they professional in all that they do, but every member of the Mind-Body Medical Center team is kind and attentive.


When I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Reisman, I had just completed my annual exam with my primary care physician. My cholesterol had steadily increased to a level where he told me I needed to go on a statin. I thought, “no way”! Dr. Reisman made some dietary changes to my daily routine along with a few specific supplements. After just 7 weeks, I had my blood retested and was shocked to find my cholesterol dropped 100 points in that time, all LDL, while leaving my HDL level the same! I was ecstatic because my numbers came into range without the need to be on statins the rest of my life. He is also treating me for inflammation and high yeast activity. The inflammation treatment has reduced joint pain in my knees and lower back. The yeast issue is still a work in progress. I highly recommend Dr. Reisman and his great staff to obtain great results without resorting to mainstream medical techniques (i.e. Big Pharma).


First, my background for context. I’m a professional with a doctorate degree, and I work in a competitive private industry. I am also a long-term junky. I have been to rehabs, psychiatrists, and Suboxone clinics all of my adult life. I first became addicted to OxyContin fifteen years ago, and since that time, I have gone through cycles of relapse, then on to Suboxone for a few years, then I come off the Suboxone, then I relapse on some kind of opiate and begin the cycle anew. Fifteen years in, it’s November 2018, I’m in my third run of this cycle, and I’m on Suboxone, Lexapro, and Xanax (all prescribed and taken as prescribed, but still very physically dependent on the Suboxone).  I’ve been on all of these drugs for years, and I’m pretty tired of them, but can’t bear the thought of going through another round of detox. I have “come off” Suboxone twice before in my life, and both times, it was a soul-crushing and harrowing experience. Even “tapering,” the entire process zombified me. I would always feel weak, sick, and tired during the entire taper. At this point in my life, I can’t afford to feel that way due to my responsibilities at work. Even sticking to my maintenance dose of 8mg per day of Suboxone, I found myself “running out of energy” in the early afternoon. I could dose up on caffeine and slog on through whatever tasks required doing, but essentially I had about a 6-hour window after I dissolved my daily Suboxone dosage where I felt like a “real person” with energy and focus and the ability to be productive.  Further complicating matters, I couldn’t seem to reduce my dosage below 8mg per day without drastically shortening that window and triggering significant psychological and physical discomfort. As much as I appreciated my other doctors’ attempts to ease my suffering with the rotating host of psych drugs, they all fall short in the end. They all have side effects. Oversleeping, under-sleeping, weight gain, general lethargy. Western medicine, at large, has failed me. I was ready to try a different solution to my general conundrum: how do I stop taking all these drugs without feeling so damn awful? My counselor referred me to Dr. Reisman. We did some blood work, determined that my body was deficient in a couple of areas, and that one of my major organs was a bit clogged from the years of drug consumption. I followed his advice and his recommended course of treatment. In the two months I have been working with Dr. Reisman, and I have completely stopped all other prescription drugs and reduced my Suboxone dosage from 8mg per day down to 3mg per day. I’m on track to be completely off the Suboxone in the next 60 days (after being on for 2.5 years, this round). The tapering process has been completely painless. The supplements and nutritional recommendations from Doctor Reisman have been nothing short of miraculous. This is coming from a junky who has been around the block. In my past tapers/detoxes, I tried it all — weed, herbal remedies, anything and everything. None of it holds a candle to the supplements and process Dr. Reisman recommended to me. I feel like something is very wrong with the medical establishment at large, something is missing, because I was never told to do this stuff before when trying to kick dope or Suboxone. I’m not ordinarily the type to write reviews for anything, but this should be known. Get your body’s natural systems working as they are supposed to work, and it’s nothing to drop your anti-depressants & anti-anxiety drugs completely, plus cut your Suboxone dosage by more than 50% in 5-6 weeks. In the past, I would be sick right now, and wouldn’t have been able to work most of the past month. Instead, I feel better than I have since before I ever started taking drugs. All the years, all the rehabs, all the Suboxone, and this is the very first time I feel like I’m actually “recovering.” If you are one of the thousands of people in Nashville riding out years of Suboxone maintenance with no end in sight, give Dr. Reisman a call when you are ready to quit.  

–Name Withheld

I first came to Dr. Reisman after breast cancer surgery. My oncologist suggested 6 months of aggressive Chemo afterwards, which I refused. I believe the best way of fighting cancer is to enhance the immune system with diet, exercise, supplements, and with mind/body enlightenment. Dr. Reisman was the first naturopath I have ever seen. What a refreshing change from conventional Drs who only want to mask your issues with pharmaceutical drugs! Dr Reisman truly upholds his Hippocratic Oath by prescribing the proper therapies that will improve your health effectively, naturally and holistically, compared to the harsh and toxic conventional treatments. Dr Reisman has an exceptional, well-trained staff, who follow his same pathways. The office layout is peaceful and relaxing, and has a healing atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Reisman to anyone who wants to improve their health naturally and effectively.

–Name Withheld

I have been a patient of Dr. S. Reisman since 1995. In that time we have successfully addressed my health concerns, such as anemia, hypothyroidism, allergies, hormones, and imbalances of all kinds due to stress. I was a single mother, work in the financial world, run my own firm, and have competed in triathlon races (swim, bike, run) since 1984. In September 2017 after a trip to Hawaii, where I cut my foot badly on coral and continued to walk on it barefoot on the beach, I became very ill. I had a high fever of 102-104 for 4 days before I began to get tests trying to discover what was wrong. My immune system was under siege, so I went to Dr. Reisman. We discovered I had contracted Hepatitis C. I immediately began the protocol he had for bolstering the immune system, so I could fight the disease. I was a good patient and followed the prescription. I took supplements, ate a very specific diet, rested, had one high-dose vitamin C treatment and two Ultraviolet blood cleaning sessions. I own a BioMat far Infrared heat pad and used that daily as well. I had felt like a truck had run over me, and now I was on the mend. I felt much better by November and had a lab test run to detect how much the virus was still active in my system. The test came back negative – NO SIGN of the antibody at all. Just to confirm the findings, I had a second test by a different lab confirm that I was completely free and cured of Hepatitis C in less than two months and for a total cost under $2000.00. Had I gone to other doctors who would have prescribed the current treatment for Hep C , it would have been a 6 – 12 month prescription of potent, toxic pharmaceuticals costing about $8000 per month. Several medical professionals have asked me how I was cured so quickly and for such a small cost because many people, they know, cannot afford the expensive drugs. Call Dr. Reisman is my answer. Over the years I have often recommended Mind-Body Medical to people I know who have health issues other medical professionals have not been able to improve. Every one of them became patients of Dr. Reisman and told me they did get results and get benefits not found elsewhere. Here you get help giving your body the tools it needs to heal itself.


Dr. Reisman and ALL of the staff at Mind-Body Medical are some of my favorite around. Everyone genuinely cares for you, and I always feel like they really want to help. I started seeing Dr. Reisman in mid-2012 because of an onslaught of health issues following my first son at age 31. Fast forward, I’m 33 years old, and I was physically not myself. We found that I was in adrenal failure, and all my hormones were out of whack. (I always felt it was hormone imbalance, but Dr. after Dr. told me “you are too young for that.”  I was having 9 migraines a month and after tracking, I realized it was around two hormone spikes each month. I was flying through medicine to cover it up, which is what drove me to see Dr Reisman for the first time—that along with excessive hair loss that had me in a full-on panic. We did a lot of things before it was entirely discovered. Diet restrictions, shakes, saliva testing, blood testing. After 6 months, I was no longer having migraines and my health, overall, improved so much. I wasn’t getting sick as much either from a compromised immune systems. I got so healthy that we decided to go for baby #2. I didn’t feel good about it all, as I was nervous with all the hormone issues. My first trimester was rough—nonstop migraines again. Hormones were WHACK. Then I hit 11 weeks and they were GONE. Pregnancy was pretty easy and then…postpartum hit and worse this time than with my first. My OB wanted me to take meds, so I called Dr. Reisman. He said, no, we need to get you on progesterone drops to even out the levels. 3x a day. After 2 days, the black clouds were gone, and my husband even noticed. I also developed thyroid disease, which made it very tough to lose the baby weight—even with breastfeeding. Started thyroid meds with him and have been level ever since. Time and time again, I find myself with a health issue that Western medicine (good when needed, but often not the catch-all) just wants to put Band-aids on. I love MBM and Dr. Reisman because he wants to first do all we can to find the problem, the root of the problem, and then attack it that way. Additionally, he’s gotten me off all antacid medications (Nexium +) for the past 2 years. To say I am grateful for all the medicine and side effects I’ve avoided because of him and his passion for alternative holistic healthcare wouldn’t suffice. I truly appreciate them and their sincere care/concern for every patient that walks in that door. I tell ALL my friends, family, and clients about MBM and Dr. Reisman because he’s made such a positive impact in my life. Big thank you!


Dr Reisman and his entire staff are totally amazing! I have grown to love each and every one of them through my battle with breast cancer. Dr Reisman has always given me his full attention and listened closely in order to develop treatments that were designed specifically for me. They have always gone out of their way to answer all of my questions. I truly believe without the treatment that I have received there I would not be where I am today. I am grateful they have been a part of my journey. Thank You Dr Reisman and your entire staff!!!


Prior to seeing Dr. Stephen Reisman of Mind-Body Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee I had been experiencing very high counts on my Lipid Panel tests. They all were very high! Especially the Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Triglycerides! He immediately put me on an Anti-Inflammation Diet & several supplements. When I finally did my research of diet & became disciplined in following his program, I felt more energy & wellbeing. I had a new Lipid Panel Test done & returned for our next visit. He looked at my testing results & was amazed. They were all normal! I also was so happy and thankful to have such a great report. I thanked him for his knowledge and the Lord for giving it to him.


Dr Stephen Reisman is a very qualified integrated doctor. Though medical practices have their place, I have been interested in the applications of the natural healing properties of herbs and supplements for some time. Realizing I could not do it on my own, though there is much to be found on the internet; it is overwhelming. The art of applying herbal and natural aid is a lost art, and it is expedient to use natural applications with caution. This is where the knowledge of a professional is important. He is open and listens willingly to what you have learned in your personal search. He will give you what he thinks is the best application for your need. Dr Reisman helped me with some more serious health issues. His suggestion for me was to go on a plant-based food plan as one of my issues was hormonal. This was very helpful, and with time it has proven to be very beneficial. Genesis 1:29 tells us God has given every herb-bearing seed on all the face of the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit yielding seed; to you it shall be meat. I am grateful for Dr. Reisman and his staff at Mind-Body Medical Center for their significant role in helping me on my journey and many others to return to better health. They are ready to assist and are courteous and professional in their service. 


Dr. Reisman and his staff at Mind-Body Medical Center were terrific!  I received a breast cancer diagnosis (stage 2B, triple negative), and soon after hearing those words, my husband and I sat down with Dr. Reisman. As everyone’s decisions are very personal when dealing with challenging medical diagnoses, I opted for both conventional and non-traditional treatment. Dr. Reisman recommended a combination of infusions and supplements that would prove to both increase the effectiveness of my conventional treatment and counteract the potential negative side effects. My husband and I, as well as other medical personnel, friends, and family, were pleased to see how well I progressed through treatment.  My conventional treatments (which included chemo, surgery, and radiation) were completed over a year ago and my medical reports remain positive. Everyone we dealt with at the Mind-Body Medical Center seemed to genuinely care for my wellbeing. They were always both professional and very pleasant. Thanks again, Dr. Reisman and Staff! 


When I was 16 years old, I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut, and in February 2018 I was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) — it flipped my world upside down, to say the least. After seeing doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, being dismissed from multiple hospitals and not taken seriously quite frankly, a friend of mine suggested that I see Dr. Reisman. He changed my life in the best possible way. At my first appointment, I was a mess. I was stressed, I fought anxiety every day, I was dealing with weird food allergies that I had recently developed, my heart would react to the weirdest things — and by react, I mean it would go from a normal beat per minute to 150+ in a matter of 30 seconds or less. I was also battling several symptoms of Leaky Gut like fatigue, brain fog, skin rashes on my face and more, so I felt pretty hopeless when I first met Dr. Reisman. Thankfully, he advised a plan designed specifically for me and in as little as a month, I noticed a huge difference. All of a sudden I could eat certain foods again, I felt like my anxiety was slowly dissipating, and overall I felt like I was getting my life back. POTS runs under the umbrella of Dysautonomia — a dysfunction in the autonomic nerve system — so more than likely, this will be something I deal with for the rest of my life; however, with the help of Dr. Reisman, I’m able to manage my symptoms and heal my gut. This testimonial would be several pages long if I were to describe every issue I’ve been dealing with and how robbed I’ve felt of a quality of life, but if I could leave you with one thing, I would tell you to see Dr. Reisman if you want to solve your health issue and begin the healing process. The way he is able to tackle the root of the problem and build up from there is life-changing. Unfortunately, you don’t see this in mainstream medicine practices — instead, doctors just want to prescribe medicine to cover up the issue to relieve symptoms, but it’s not actually “fixing” the problem. Dr. Reisman FIXES the problem. I have recommended several friends of mine go see him, and they all feel as grateful as I do for this amazing man, and I would suggest the same for you. We all deserve to live a quality life not in pain or fear of our own health.

–Name Withheld

Hi, I’ve been going to Dr. Stephen Reisman for about 18 years. When I first went to see him, I was looking for help with overall exhaustion and thyroid help. Hypothyroidism had run in my family on my mother’s side to an extreme … my great grandmother had a goiter in the picture I once saw of her that covered her entire neck. My beloved grandmother had had something similar and had had it removed and wore a strand of pearls perfectly fitted to cover the scar every time I saw her! And my mother had been on biphetamines and proloid all of her life. And living in Los Angeles, we went to a USC specialist in LA to see if there wasn’t a more intelligent~natural product she could use to supplement. He switched her protocol vastly, and two months later she passed away. It’s been a long road. So, of course, I knew this had been trickling down through my family, and every time I had been tested, the various doc’s I’d trusted my condition to landed on the concept that I was considered “normal”, but on the very bottom line of the scale before hypothyroidism. And I would not be treated. I was told to run/work out as hard as I possibly could to keep my metabolism at its highest to help me, and drink a ton of Coffee! Oh! lovely! …I ended up with severe adrenal exhaustion. So I quit looking for help. But living in Nashville (after being raised in California and college in Hawaii) I was constantly freezing throughout the winter. I worked with freezing cold hands and feet and got sick 3 times one winter and after a bit of a search, finally found Dr. Reisman at Mind-Body Medical Center. He listened and promised to help. He was smart enough to listen to his intuition and push past what I’d heard all of my life. He prescribed Nature-Throid after running tests, and I have been fine ever since. I go in from time to time to retest, and he tweaks my prescription amount and all is well! Aaahhh…! I’m super grateful for having him in my life! For obvious reasons, but there are others…He listens to his patient, then listens to himself. He’s extremely knowledgeable in his profession and offers everything he’s got to help. Once he took me through a visualization that I’ll never forget experiencing. We spoke of the cause being deep loneliness as the result of what I saw in my visualization. I knew it was from losing all of my family support through life. And I went home, faced my truth, and changed my life all for the good. I dug into the work that we all need to do to find a new balance in our lives after major changes. And we know there’s no way out of pain, but to face it and heal emotionally. I wasn’t going to let life beat me. I’ve always sensed that life is about “thriving”. You just have to figure out how you’re going to get there. Dr. Reisman helped me step up my game and fight my way back in that memorable appointment. He gave me the facts. I did the work. So Thank you, Dr. Reisman. And to whomever is reading this, please do yourself the favor of going to see Dr. Reisman. Go with the intention of being HONEST. Honest with yourself and honest with him. You’ll be very fortunate to have the help he’ll provide to live a much better life!