avocado chocolate pudding
This recipe for chocolate pudding is so quick and easy to make, so sensually rich and delicious, and so health-promoting that it breaks all kinds of rules we may have adopted about nutrition and the enjoyment of food.


2 ripe, refrigerated avocados
1 10-oz. package frozen, pitted cherries
2 scoops NuMedica Chocolate Power Greens
2-4 oz. cold, purified water
1-2 tsp. unrefined salt
1 tsp. cinnamon powder (optional)


The ratio of avocado to cherries determines how rich versus how fruity it will taste. The amount of Power Greens determines how intense the sweetness and chocolate flavor will be.
Place all ingredients into a food processor, preferably a small, high-speed one, like the Ninja.
Blend for 10-15 seconds.
Try to eat slowly.
Forget about trying to suppress the smile.