LDA Immunotherapy

A Condition That Compromises Far Too Many Lives

It is virtually guaranteed that you know more than one person suffering from allergies, even if you are not one of them.

The degree of severity may range from intermittent and mild to constant and unbearable, but the basic cause is the same.

It is a condition in which there is an exaggerated level of immune system reactivity to substances common to our environment.

These substances may be airborne – inhaled into the nose, sinuses, and the rest of the respiratory tract – or foodborne – ingested into the alimentary canal.

The Standard Approaches   

Those among us who are least affected, perhaps experiencing no more than a brief period during the spring of mild congestion due to inhalant allergies, might find sufficient relief without side effects from the occasional use of well-known, over-the-counter remedies.

However, when symptoms are more severe, one of the common forms of medical intervention is allergen immunotherapy.

This approach involves first testing to see which specific substances are triggering the inflammatory reaction.

A Clear Path Forward

Once identified, the patient is intentionally exposed to larger and larger doses of those substances in an attempt to alter the immune system’s response.

These are commonly administered by injection (“allergy shots”) but may be in the form of sublingual drops.

The treatments are done every week as the dose builds up over a number of months, eventually becoming less often. Side effects can occur due to the amount of the substance being administered.

A Remedy That Remains Far Too Unknown

Sandra had a long history of sinus troubles, as well as bouts of gas and bloating. Her frequent sinus infections would sometimes lead to bronchitis.

It always began with congestion in her upper airways. Once the normal functioning of her respiratory tract was compromised, her defenses against infections were overcome – and she ended up with prescriptions for antibiotics.

Allergy testing then revealed a wide range of both airborne and foodborne substances to which she was hypersensitive.

So, she began a program of the standard allergen desensitization protocol, yet experienced inflammatory reactions to the doses administered.

Finding Clarity and Relief

At one point, it was determined that she suffered from a deviated nasal septum.

She underwent surgical repair, which not only was a grueling experience for her, but it did not change her situation.

All this time, despite her attempts to avoid the foods that showed positive on testing, the bouts of gas and bloating continued.

Eventually her searching ended when she came across a different approach, one that brought long-term relief to both her digestive and respiratory tracts.

Gentle and Safe, with the Widest Range of Effectiveness

The form of intervention that changed everything for Sandra is known as LDA, or Low Dose Allergen, Immunotherapy.

Discovered in the 1960’s by a brilliant British physician, it utilizes a solution that contains tiny fractions of every substance with allergic potential in the entire Western hemisphere. This solution is combined with an activating enzyme, and then a tiny dose is administered by subcutaneous injection.

The resulting effect is a desensitization of the white blood cells that carry the programming for whatever substances you are sensitive to.

Treatment that Won’t Interrupt your Life

Not only is this a simple and safe protocol, but it is performed only once every two months. This is because that is the half-life of our white blood cells; that is, when a new generation of cells emerges, the treatment is repeated.

For some patients a major improvement is noticed after only one treatment, yet the course generally spans six-to-twelve months.

Also, there are those patients who continue to experience noticeable improvements in energy, mental clarity, and overall well-being with each and every treatment. This is likely due to a general anti-inflammatory effect of the immunotherapy.

Take Action. Find Relief.

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