The Comprehensive Holistic Consultation

How to Interrupt the Course of an Illness

While our current world may be a fast-paced one, that does not work well in a medical consultation.

It is not difficult to picture a clinic in which there is a drive to narrow the focus, arrive at a diagnostic name, and match it with a standardized treatment. And while that may seem to be a reasonable plan, it often fails to put the different pieces of a medical condition together.

Even more often, it fails to consider the different treatment options available. And it invariably lacks the essential value of an insightful and educational connection between provider and patient.

So in order to interrupt the course of an illness, the first necessity is a medical consultation that is an exception to the fast pace seen outside the office.

Feeling Seen, Heard, and Empowered

Quality time is precious.

An in-depth exchange of ideas about your health and your world has untold value.

When we sit down and carefully consider the many aspects of your body and life, there occurs a natural opening up of our minds.

This is how we take maximum advantage of this essential opportunity to bring together your experience of your life with my knowledge of the wide world of healing options.

Getting All the Essentials Covered

In our initial interview, the first priority will be for us to gather all the details of your current condition.

This includes how things first came about, how they changed over time, and where they are now. All the factors impacting your symptoms are important.

Rather than focusing only on diagnostic labels, it will be more beneficial, and thus more important, to examine the elements that created the issues at hand. The objective is always to dismantle the structure of illness by undoing each of its contributing pieces.

Opening Up the Field of Your Options

Equally as valuable as dissecting the state of disease is bringing to light all the angles from which it can be addressed. In my experience, there is always a wide variety of paths we can take toward wellness.

Stress comes in many forms. Toxicity comes in many forms. Bodily dysfunction comes in many forms.

Unlike the mainstream standard of naming the picture of symptoms and suppressing it with a drug, we will discover how the normal, healthy function has been compromised and use the effective strategies to bring it back into order.

Treating Ourselves with Respect

Everything we do – allowing ample time for our discussion, considering all aspects of your history, taking a mind-body-nature approach, having you understand what is happening in your different states of health or illness, and looking at all possible options for making the changes you seek – is about respecting who you are as an individual and where you are in your life.

As a truly caring, highly experienced staff, we are here to provide the very best for you.

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