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A Typical Patient Course

At the age of 50, Karen had been my patient for about three years.

During that time, we had successfully addressed a number of issues.

The quality of her sleep had been restored, her energy level had come up, her initial flatness of mood was now gone, an unusual lack of skin perspiring had been corrected, and some early premenopausal symptoms resolved.

Life Takes a Serious Turn

She then noticed a small swelling in her groin and visited with her gynecologist.

The lump was assumed to be a swollen lymph node from some minor local infection, and a course of antibiotics was prescribed. After that resulted in no change, a biopsy was performed.

The diagnosis was non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Not Immediately a Dire Situation

We had achieved all of Karen’s prior progress through using only natural means, though they included two prescriptions: one, a natural thyroid medicine, and the other, bio-identical progesterone.

No other sites of cancer were found, and she was otherwise in excellent health.

So it was determined by her oncologist that nothing needed to be done right now.

Then the Grace Period Comes to an End

All remained well for three years; but in October of 2018, she felt some swellings in her neck.

Her oncologist discovered others in her armpits, and her gynecologist found yet more in her pelvis.

Chemotherapy was then advised, but Karen had come very far using natural means. She discussed her situation with me and chose to see how she could do with the offerings in our practice, while continuing to be monitored by her oncologist.

At her check-up in April of 2019, he found her tumors to be slowly shrinking.

The Perfect Timing of a New Idea

While our direction was seeming to be a good one, one month later Karen discovered some new small tumors in her arm. The timing was on our side, however, because this was not long after I had begun studying an innovative and unusual approach to treating cancer. It focuses primarily on starving cancer cells by blocking all of their possible feeding routes.

A Monumental Breakthrough

Happily, there is not much more to Karen’s story. I began her on this new protocol at the beginning of July. In mid-August she visited with both her oncologist and gynecologist. No tumors could be found anywhere in her neck, armpits, pelvis, or groin. The small ones that had just appeared in her arm were still there, but in two more months they vanished as well.

A System with Serious Lackings

After graduating from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1981, I trained and practiced in a variety of settings. For ten years I worked in hospitals, emergency facilities, walk-in clinics, and private practices of family medicine and of mental health.

In all of those arenas, I saw too many patients’ needs not being met. Specifically, little or no work was being done with the natural, biological ways of the human body or with the mind-body connection.

Committed to Becoming a Solution

It was during those years that I began to explore forms of healing not included in mainstream medical practice.

I began communicating and working with established “alternative” doctors.

I devoured non-conventional medical literature and made affiliations with the American College for Advancement in Medicine and the American Holistic Medical Association.

A Track Record of Success and Positive Change

Since 1991 I have devoted my time to practicing medicine with a mind-body-nature orientation.

The ever-expanding science and practices of integrative medicine continue to be at the heart of my professional interest, as I feel their contributions impact every corner of our lives.

When we are healthier in a mind-body way, we feel better. When we feel better, our relationships are better. And the entire fabric of our society is woven from our relationships.

So I remain passionate about practicing medicine that recognizes the benefits of a truly integrative approach, incorporating natural medicines, alternative treatments, and attention to mind-body connections into the established spectrum of medical care.

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