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Integrative, Functional, and Holistic Alternatives in Medical Care
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Stress compromises your health.

Unexplained symptoms?

Confusing diagnoses?

No one to listen or answer questions?

It’s all stressful. And stress is not good for any of us.

Healing begins with understanding,
support, and education.

Our approach is to be here for you in a way that serves your healing process in as many ways as possible. This includes understanding your stress, as both contributing to and resulting from your life and health situation.

Proper health education includes general maintenance and the root causes of illness that apply to all of us, the factors that apply to you in particular, the range of options available to you, and the ways to combine those options that will serve you best.


Discontinuing Prescription Drugs

When you are seeking to safely and effectively discontinue prescription drugs, we offer programs of natural medicine that benefit you in one way by freeing your body from the effects of the pharmaceutical drugs, but in a far greater way by transforming your body chemistry to address the roots of the medical condition.

Primary Holistic Care

When you are seeking to address your medical symptoms or diagnosed conditions in a holistic way right from the start, we offer gentle, comprehensive approaches that may allow you to avoid harsher or more invasive methods.

Resolving Combinations of Physical and Mental/Emotional Symptoms

When the stress of your physical symptoms may be contributing to your mental/emotional symptoms, or the shifts in your mental/emotional states may be contributing to your physical symptoms, we focus our attention on the details of your body chemistry, brain chemistry, and life situation to arrive at a clear picture of all that is happening and a plan to untangle the disruptive factors.

Substance Addiction Issues

When substance addiction is an issue you are facing, we offer programs that utilize natural methods to balance brain and body chemistry, so that the substances are no longer seen as desirable.

Integrative Cancer Care

When the status of your diagnosed cancer is such that surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or other forms of mainstream intervention are necessary, we provide comprehensive nutrient protocols that protect the health of your healthy cells, reduce or prevent side effects, and make those treatments more effective.

Primary Cancer Treatment

When your diagnosed cancer is at such a stage that holistic forms of intervention are appropriate as an approach, we administer a wide range of options. These would include methods to (1) detoxify and unburden the immune system, (2) improve the body’s capacity to attack cancer cells, (3) specifically target cancer stem cells, and (4) shift the chemistry of the body so that it is resistant to cancer growth.

Broad Spectrum Health Optimization

When you are seeking to strengthen your immune defenses and maximize your resistance to illness in a purely preventive way, as well as sort through all the confusing messages found on the Internet, we offer sound guidance to equip you with an effective lifestyle plan that makes the most of all resources.

Complex Life Dilemmas

When your challenges involve both physical and mental/emotional symptoms, all happening amidst difficulties in your social or professional relationships, we provide programs of support and clarity in order to keep you balanced and centered in your brain and body function.

What Precisely Do We Offer?

The range of possible programs that we can design for you is virtually infinite.

Whether you are recovering from a specific condition, looking to improve your life quality, or wanting to empower your immune system to prevent illness, we can help.

We tailor dietary regimens to the needs of your particular body chemistry. And we utilize the highest quality nutrient medicines from a wide range of suppliers, depending on which source is the best for each particular supplement.

We may want to enhance the effectiveness of your program by making use of any of a wide range of intravenous nutrient infusions.

Hello, I’m Dr. Reisman

Welcome to the Mind-Body Medical Center.

Over my ten years of practicing in mainstream medical arenas, after graduating from the Boston University School of Medicine, I found myself more and more inspired to apply my education toward investigating alternative approaches to healing and to then design an office practice where I could spend more quality time with my patients.

It had become obvious to me that the approach of merely applying a treatment to a diagnosis often failed the patient in two important ways. Not only did it pay no attention to the roots of the condition, but it assumed that all people with a certain illness are the same.

So after years of adding to my formal medical education by attending alternative medical conferences, reading a wide range of books and research papers, and studying the work of established alternative physicians, I had gained a full understanding of the basis for a truly integrative, functional, and holistic approach to issues of health and healing and opened our practice in 1991.

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