Rich chocolate pudding: a simple and nutritious dessert

Posted by Dr. Reisman on November 21, 2013

This recipe for chocolate pudding is so quick and easy to make, so sensually rich and delicious, and so health-promoting that it breaks all kinds of rules we may have adopted about nutrition and the enjoyment of food. Ingredients 2 ripe, refrigerated avocados 1 10-oz. package frozen, pitted cherries 2 scoops NuMedica Chocolate Power Greens 2-4 oz.… Read More »

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The Healthy Diet Confusion Mess

Posted by Dr. Reisman on November 12, 2013

Years ago a friend told me of his new dietary program, about which he was so excited. He was feeling more energy, more balanced, and in all ways healthier. The plan he had discovered was the blood-type diet, based on the dietary patterns of our ancestors with the same blood type. In describing what was… Read More »

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