The Truth about Autoimmune Illness

Posted by Dr. Reisman on July 12, 2012

Autoimmune illnesses are those in which inflammation and tissue damage result from the immune system targeting the body’s own cells and tissues. The immune system is our protection from invasion by foreign substances or organisms. So at first glance we might conclude that in the case of autoimmune illnesses, the immune system is making a… Read More »

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Are Your Cells Being Fed?

Posted by Dr. Reisman on July 9, 2012

To begin to understand how we veer towards either wellness or illness, we need to look at the most basic principles. This living human design, our miraculous vehicle for experiencing life, has well-known properties. Our human form has something on the order of 100 trillion cells. Each is defined by a membrane, its own outer… Read More »

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The Threefold Wisdom of Integrative Medicine

Posted by Dr. Reisman on July 6, 2012

To integrate is to bring otherwise separated parts together to form a functioning whole. Such a concept has at least three different applications in arenas of healing. Each of these represents a powerful means of change towards greater success in our desires for wellness and quality of life. #1 – Combining Different Schools of Healing… Read More »

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